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  • Annual Well Woman Care including Pap tests and HPV testing.
  • Contraceptive options including daily pills; the weekly patch; the monthly vaginal ringDepo-Provera injection; the 3-year implantable progestin rod, Nexplanon; the 5-year progestin IUD, Liletta; and the 10-year hormone-free Paragard IUD.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, and reproductive hormonal imbalances.
  • Adolescent gynecology including counseling about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Treatment of abnormal pap smears including colposcopy.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of bladder disorders.
  • Management of menopausal concerns.
  • MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy to treat the vaginal changes of menopause.
  • Bioidentical hormone options.
  • Basic infertility diagnosis and treatment.
  • Counseling about genetic cancer risk including Myriad myRisk testing.
  • In-office pelvic ultrasound.


You took a home pregnancy test and it’s positive! Now what happens? It can be an exciting and overwhelming time, especially for first-time mothers. This is what obstetrics services you can expect from SOLO when you’re expecting!

  • When you call SOLO to let us know you have a positive home pregnancy test, you will be asked for the date of your last menstrual period. If you are a new patient, you will also be asked to provide additional information, such as your date of birth, insurance carrier and contact information. Next, we will want to confirm your pregnancy with an HCG blood test. HCG is a hormone produced in the body during pregnancy and helps determine the gestational age of the pregnancy. The lab order can be mailed to your home or faxed to a lab of your choosing. The results from this test will be sent directly to our office.
  • Our nurse will review the results of the HCG test and call you. Depending on the result, you may be asked to repeat the HCG blood test. Otherwise, our nurse will schedule an appointment for your first ultrasound in our office at approximately 8 weeks.
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, a vaginal ultrasound is used to verify heartbeat, look for multiples and set a due date. In addition, an ultrasound in the first trimester can look for tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. At the end of this ultrasound, you may be scheduled for your first prenatal visit with our nurse.
  • The first prenatal visit is a longer appointment (~45 minutes). Feel free to prepare questions ahead of time, although we ask that you hold them until the end as many of them may be answered through the course of the appointment. Our nurse will review all the pertinent information about our practice, hospital affiliations and your prenatal care. You will receive a prenatal packet and a prescription for your first trimester blood work. You will also be scheduled for your first trimester genetic screening (optional), as well as an appointment with a physician.

At Seasons of Life ObGyn, our doctors and staff provide these Obstetrics services:

  • Management of routine and high-risk pregnancy.
  • In-office ultrasound for fetal viability, fetal anatomy, and growth assessment.
  • First and second trimester genetic risk assessment.
  • Antepartum fetal surveillance.
  • TOLAC (Trial of Labor after Cesarean).
  • Natural Labor and Delivery.
  • Elective induction of labor after 39 weeks gestation.
  • Prepared Childbirth Education Classes.


  • Minerva and Genesys HTA Endometrial Ablation for treatment of heavy periods.
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, infertility, and more.
  • LEEP and Cold-knife conization for cervical disease.
  • Hysterectomy options including Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH), Laparoscopic-assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH),  Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH), Total Vaginal Hysterectomy and Abdominal Hysterectomy.
  • Hysteroscopy.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Treatments (OMT)

OMT is a set of hands-on techniques used by osteopathic physicians (DOs) to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. OMT can be used to treat pain and muscle tension of the back, pelvis and neck, headaches, and more, both during and after pregnancy. Using OMT, a DO moves a patient’s muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance such as:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Muscle Energy
  • HVLA
  • Fascial Unwinding
  • Counterstrain
  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field


  • Nutrametrix Custom Health Solutions offers science-based nutrition to help you be the best you can be.
  • MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy treats the vaginal changes of menopause and improves your intimate moments.
  • TempSure Vitalia improves vaginal tone and sensitivity.
  • TempSure Envi offers skin tightening technology to improve the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, and skin laxity.

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